Help, I’m Lost!!!


I traveled to Arkansas and went camping for one week. When we got there we played and made a fire. My Uncle, Dad, and I went hiking in the woods. We went hiking up a mountain then wolves came running up. My dad honked a horn and they ran away. It was awesome and we hiked 13 miles. I was riding a four wheeler, and I went on the wrong trail and I got lost. I yelled and looked for camp. Then, I found a man with a chainsaw cutting down trees and I told him what happened. We found camp and I was so happy. I was lost for like an hour and a half. I heard that the guy who found me was my dad’s cousin. I love camping!


Puppy Tears

One day whenever we got home there was a dog in our backyard. Well, we didn’t know his name, so we named him Carlos. We got along with Carlos. He ran away twice. Now Carlos is gone, and I am very sad.



Jumping Fun!

I spend most of the time playing with my trampoline in my backyard. I do backflips the whole time usually until dinner time. I felt a little scared when I first tried a backflip. When I first tried I was breathing hard…I mean hard!!



You Did What?

One day when I was two year old, I was exploring in the yard. I went around the corner of the housImage result for harley davidsone and saw a garage. So, of course, I opened the door. I saw four HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES. I climbed up on the loudest motorcycle, and I turned it on. My mom came out and saw me on it. She screamed something just as I revved it up.


Best Field Trip Ever

When I lived in Alaska, my class went to a hockey game. A.J. and I smelled popcorn. My teacher bought us all popcorn. It was so loud that I covered my ears. The players punched each other. After the game, the referee let us skate on the rink. I kept falling down, but I finally got the hang of it. After that field trip, I felt happy!

Doggie, Pleeaassse!

We begged for a dog for a while. We had to wait until Christmas. When we opened the family present, our dad said, “We are getting a dog!” A week later we went to the pet store. We picked a German Shepard dog. Next, we brought him home. Dad got the stuff for our new dog.